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Hi Mr. Milan Alberti,
I want to post a testimonial to your website, but don't know how to put it in. So here goes...
I needed a good mechanic for my Volvo 240 DL as the Volvo dealership mechanic could not figure out how to fix my car. It has been sitting for a while in my driveway. The Volvo certified mechanic did not know that my car needed a new gasoline tank and fuel pump as they rusted because the gas tank was not full for some time. Milan replaced the gasoline tank and fuel pump quickly. The car still did not start so he suggested my classic car needed a new distributor cap and rotor. It started and runs smoothly now just like before. I appreciate Milan so much for making my first Volvo run again. I believe he is the Michelangelo of mechanics in Seattle.

Al S.


Last year I bought a 95 BMW 325i from here and got the deal of a lifetime! Car was in great condition and can't say I will drive anything but a beemer the rest of my life. Milan and Ricky and extremely knowledgeable and always give you a fair deal. If you buy a car from them they give you great follow up service and maintenance. And they look to solve problems before they occur which is awesome. I wouldn't trust my car with anyone else after how many times I've been burned. Definitely recommend Continental to anyone! 

Jake Schario
Seattle, WA

Judy's Book

Located conveniently off Lake City Way/Bothell Way north of 145th, this is a well-run shop with a very trustworthy owner. Milan does most of the work himself, and he's always good. Never fixes more than I need, and his prices are sometimes HALF what the dealerships quote me!! No kidding, my Land Rover had a repair quote of over $3,500 and Milan did the same exact work for $1,650. I just brought the dealer quote in, and he gave his quote back. I also bring my BMW 540i and my Porsche 911 to Milan at Continental Motors. Trust me, the BMW provides plenty of opportunity for repairs - and Milan always takes good care of her. The Porsche is very reliable, but I all on Milan for the tune-ups and oil changes. Again, at a fraction of the cost. Warning: He can be very busy - SO CALL AHEAD for an appointment. 

Joseph W. 
Seattle, WA


Being a Lake Forest Park resident it is always nice to support your local businesses.  That said, it is even better when your local businesses truly work hard to ensure that they are taking care of their customers and the community.  That is exactly what you will get at Continental Motors.  I have been a loyal customer for many years now and never considering going anywhere else unless it is warranty work through the dealership.  Milan and his team have worked on all of my vehicles from domestic models to Italian exotics and everything in between.  He is always extremely fair and you never feel like you are getting the up sale from these guys.  On more than one occassion he has not charged me for diagnosing simple problems that involved computer resets, light bulb changes, or fuse replacements.  I have turned several people on to using Contininental Motors and they all wind up being customers for the long run.  Milan even is consigning a vehicle for me right now and his fees are extremely reasonable for the service they provide.

I openly recommend Continental Motors without any hesitation or reservation.  Give them a try, you will be a customer for life.

King, Washington